3M BEV195 Valve-in-head Filter System


Serves 5 gpm demand flow rate. Reduces sediment, chlorine taste & odor. Non-cyst, 54,000 gallon capacity, 5.0 gpm, 3.0 micron.

  • Model:  BEV195
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs
  • Manufactured by: 3M

Part #: 56164-02
Replacement filter part #: HF95 (56135-07)


3M™ Purification Inc. Water Filtration Products Model BEV195 single cartridge water filtration system helps to improve the taste, appearance and consistency of your beverages at flow rates up to 5 gpm (18.9 lpm). BEV195 combines sediment reduction from higher turbidity water with chlorine taste and odor reduction for up to 54,000 gallons (204,412 liters).

  • Consistent high-quality, great tasting beverages for continued customer satisfaction.
  • Revolutionary Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (“IMPACT”) dual-zone media cartridge construction combines a membrane in series with premium activated carbon to provide superior throughput and cartridge life.
  • Built-in bacteria inhibitor intended to reduce fouling of media (HF90 replacement cartridge).
  • Tested and verified by manufacturer’s laboratory to Standard 53 for cyst reduction (HF90 replacement cartridge).
  • NSF Standard 42 and/or FDA CFR-21 compliant materials.
  • Reduction of up to 99.99% of common water-borne heterotrophic bacteria by membrane filtration as tested by 3M Purification (HF90 replacement cartridge).
  • Reduction of sediment and abrasive hard particles helps prevent equipment wear and helps extend the life of pumps, valves, o-rings and seals.
  • System includes a pressure gauge and inlet shut-off valve for simple installation and operation.
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs with a 1/4 turn.
  • 1/2” FNPT horizontal inlet and outlet ports allow direct or easily adaptable connections to existing plumbing lines.

Physical Specifications

  • System includes a head assembly with pressure gauge, inlet water shut-off valve assembly, mounting bracket and a single cartridge filter.
  • Inlet and outlet plumbing connections are 1/2” FNPT.
  • Filter cartridges are o-ring seal type.
  • System maximum operating pressure of 125 psi (862 kPa) and operating temperature of 100°F (37.8°C).
  • Recommended service flow rate is up to 5 gpm (18.9 lpm).
  • Filter cartridges incorporate a bacteriostatic carbon block filtration medium (HF90 replacement cartridge).
  • System materials are NSF Standard 42 and/or FDA CFR-21 compliant.
  • Cartridges are sanitary in design, requiring no contact with the filter media during cartridge change-out.
  • Filter cartridges require no pre-activation.
  • Download
  • 3M Water Filtration Products BEV195 Specification
  • 3M Water Filtration Products BEV195 Installation Manual

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