3M DP295-CLX Dual Port Water Filtration System 5624206


3M DP295-CLX Dual Port Water Filtration System

  • Reduces Sediment, Chloramines, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Scale.
  • Nominal Rating of 5 Microns.
  • Capacity at 108,000 gallons
  • Applicable to Most Potable Water

Model# DP295-CLX



3M DP295-CL Dual Port Water Filtration System

Ensure a high-quality water supply for your commercial kitchen, café, or restaurant with the 3M DP295-CLX Dual Port Water Filtration System. This comprehensive water filter system is uniquely designed for multi-equipment operations such as ice machines, coffee brewers, and cold beverage dispensers. With its powerful filtration features and simple maintenance, it offers an ideal solution for businesses requiring pure, clean water for diverse applications.

3M DP295-CLX: Comprehensive Filtration for Multiple Equipment

Key Features

  • Consistent Quality Water: The 3M DP295-CLX delivers consistent water quality suitable for ice, coffee, and cold beverages.
  • High Flow Rates: With a 11 GPM chlorine and 3 GPM for chloramine flow rate, this system is engineered to meet the demands of busy commercial settings.
  • Long-lasting Cartridges: Offering a 12-month / 108,000-gallon capacity, this system minimizes the frequency of cartridge replacements.

Advanced Filtration Capabilities

  • Reduces particulate*, chloramines, and chlorine taste and odor
  • Integrated scale-inhibition prevents scale build-up on equipment
  • Two separate filtered streams, one with added scale-inhibiting media

Simplified Maintenance

The system’s Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design allows for quick and easy cartridge change-outs, eliminating the need for a filter wrench. Plus, the system includes a 2-cartridge manifold, pressure gauge, inlet water shutoff valve, outlet check valves, and mounting brackets for a seamless installation process.

Equipment and Specs

  • Two separate streams with distinct filtration profiles
  • 5 micron rating
  • Overall Dimensions: Width 25 1/16″, Height 24 1/16″
  • Inlet and outlet connections are 3/4″ NPT

Make a Smart Investment in Water Quality

Your business thrives on the quality of its products. Investing in the 3M DP295-CL Dual Port Water Filtration System ensures that your beverages and ice meet the highest standards. Simplify your maintenance routine, protect your equipment, and serve superior products to your customers with this efficient, high-capacity water filtration solution.

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