3M DP290 Dual Port Replacement CARTPAK


Replacement kit for 3M DP290 Dual Port Manifold System
Part #: 56138-02

Reduces sediment, chlorine taste & odor, cysts, bacteria, scale. 108,000 gallon capacity, 10.0 gpm, .2 micron.


3M Purification Inc. Water Filtration Products Model DP290 dual port water filtration system helps provide consistent high quality water for the multiple applications of cold beverages, ice and coffee at a combined flow rate of up to 10 gpm (37.9 lpm). Two separate streams exit the manifold. Both streams have reduced sediment and chlorine taste and odor. One stream has added scale inhibition media from a dedicated cartridge to help reduce the ability of calcium and magnesium to precipitate as hard scale on the evaporator plates of an ice machine and/or the heating coils of a coffee brewer. The second stream supplies cold beverage dispensers and includes no added scale inhibitor.

The DP290 filters combine chlorine taste and odor reduction with cyst, bacteria and sediment reduction to 0.2 micron.

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