Mavea PURITY 1200 Replacement Filter

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Mavea Replacement Cartridge for Purity 1200. Capacity @ 5 gpg – 5944 gallons.

Mavea PURITY Water Filtration is a four step filtration for clearer, cleaner and great tasting water. The filter effectively removes impurities that affect the taste, odor and quality of drinking water by reducing:

  • Chlorine and certain of its by-products
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pesticide and herbicide residue
  • Lead, Copper and aluminum
  • Lime scale caused by or due to water hardness

Replacement filter for Mavea PURITY 1200 Quell ST Complete System 
Part #: 275900


Mavea Purity 1200 Replacement Cartridge

The Heart of the Purity 1200 Quell ST System: Where Clarity Meets Taste

Your Mavea Purity 1200 Quell ST Complete System deserves nothing less than the best, and this replacement cartridge ensures you continue to enjoy high-quality, great-tasting water. Built to last, this cartridge offers a capacity of up to 5944 gallons at 5 grains per gallon (gpg), effectively filtering out impurities that could compromise the taste, smell, and safety of your drinking water.

Key Features:
  • Quadruple-Action Filtration: This cartridge employs a 4-step filtration process to deliver cleaner, clearer water by reducing elements like chlorine and its by-products, organic chemicals, pesticide and herbicide residues.
  • Metal Ion Reduction: In addition to filtering out common impurities, this cartridge is also effective in reducing harmful metal ions like lead, copper, and aluminum.
  • Combat Lime Scale: Built to tackle water hardness, this replacement cartridge minimizes lime scale buildup, thereby extending the life of your water-related appliances.
  • High Capacity: Designed for the long haul, this cartridge offers an impressive capacity of 5944 gallons at 5 gpg, making it perfect for both residential and commercial use.
Technical Specifications:
  • Capacity: 5944 gallons @ 5 gpg
  • Compatible System: Replacement filter for Mavea PURITY 1200 Quell ST Complete System
Safe, Delicious Water Starts Here

Enjoy a consistent supply of crystal-clear, great-tasting water with the Mavea Replacement Cartridge for Purity 1200. Make it a part of your Mavea Purity 1200 Quell ST Complete System today!

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