Mavea PURITY C500 Replacement Cartridge

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Mavea Purity C500 replacement cartridge. Quick change, capacity @5 gpg – 1796 gallons.


Purity C500 Quell ST Mavea Cartridge with Head 3/8 Male

The Ultimate Filtration Solution for Your Culinary and Beverage Needs

From brewing the perfect cup of espresso to ensuring that your ovens function at their best, the Purity C500 Quell ST Mavea Cartridge offers an all-in-one filtration solution that delivers consistent water quality for a variety of applications.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Functional Use: Ideal for coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold vending machines, as well as combi ovens and conventional ovens.
  • Advanced Filtration: Comes with Brita Professional’s four-stage filtration system for complete peace of mind.
  • Scale Prevention: Reduces carbonate hardness to prevent scale deposits, ensuring that your machines continue to operate efficiently.
  • Tailored Treatment: Variable head by-pass settings to customize filtration according to your local water conditions.
  • Great Taste: In addition to reducing scale and impurities, the filter material also enhances the taste and smell of the water by removing chlorine residues and other pollutants.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: Purity C500 Quell ST
  • Connection: Head 3/8 Male
  • Dimensions: 545mm overall x 130mm across
  • Variable Capacities: Depending on water hardness and by-pass settings, it offers a range of capacities for various machines.

Setting Guide:

  • Coffee and Espresso Machines/Vending Machines:
    • Soft to low hardness up to 140 ppm, by-pass at 50% = 10,094 litres
    • Fairly hard water at 210 ppm, by-pass at 30% = 4,908 litres
  • Combi Steamers and Conventional Ovens:
    • Soft to low hardness up to 140 ppm, by-pass at 0% = 5,313 litres
    • Fairly hard water at 210 ppm, by-pass at 10% = 3,896 litres

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