Selecto SMF IC620 108-020-2 Replacement Filter


Replacement cartridge for SMF IC620-2 2-20″

Contains:(2) 20-inch: #108-020 Fountain/multi-sse filter system. Ultra high porosity carbon with micro-structure. Reduces: chlorine, chloramine, sediment, THMs, organics, tannins, bad taste and odor.

  • Model: 108-020-02
  • Shipping Weight: 33lbs
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Selecto


Selecto SMF IC620 108-020 Replacement Cartridge

The Ultimate in Commercial Beverage Water Filtration

In the beverage industry, water quality can make or break the taste of your product. The Selecto SMF IC620 108-020 Replacement Cartridge is your one-stop solution for top-tier water filtration across a range of commercial applications, from coffee and tea to juice fountains and carbonators.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-High Porosity Carbon: Featuring micro-structured, ultra-high porosity carbon, this cartridge excels in trapping impurities, ensuring that elements like chlorine, chloramine, and harmful organics are effectively removed.
  • Sediment and Chemical Removal: Its hollow carbon filter media is proficient in reducing sediment and chemicals, delivering cleaner and better-tasting water for your beverages.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Designed to filter up to 100,000 gallons for chlorine and 30,000 gallons for chloramine, this cartridge offers unparalleled longevity.
  • User-Friendly Installation: With the Quick Twist Jumbo Cartridge system, changing your filter has never been easier.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: 108-020
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPM
  • Micron Rating: 0.5
  • Certifications: NSF / ANSI Std 42 & 53
  • Dimensions and Weight: 5-7/8″ x 23″, 20 lbs (Shipping Weight)

Transform your beverage quality with the Selecto SMF IC620 108-020 Replacement Cartridge—a wise investment for any commercial setting prioritizing top-notch water filtration.

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