3M HF160-CLXS Chloramine reduction system w/scale inhibition


3M HF160-CLS Chloramine reduction system, 2.2 gpm, 0.2 micron, 4,700 gallon capacity, reduces bacteria, sediment, chloramines, chlorine taste & odor, cyst.  Reduces scale formation.

Part #: 56260-02


Discover the 3M™ High Flow CLX Series Water Filtration System

In industries where water quality is crucial, it’s imperative to have the best filtration system. With potential changes in municipal water treatments, like shifts in chemicals, consistent water quality can be at risk. Enter the solution: the 3M™ High Flow CLX Series.

Dual-Function Excellence in a Single Filter System

This system doesn’t merely offer a simplistic design but delivers multifunctional capabilities. Most municipalities utilize chlorine or chloramine for water disinfection. Should there be a change in these disinfectants, it might affect your water’s taste and appearance.

With the 3M™ High Flow CLX Series, experience the pinnacle of chloramine and chlorine taste and odor reduction. Such features ensure consistent beverage flavors, minimizes odd tastes and smells, and even shield your machinery from potential corrosion.

Key Features of the 3M™ High Flow CLX Series Water Filtration System

  • High Flow Rate: The CLX Series prioritizes chloramine and chlorine taste and odor reduction, especially for high-capacity systems, guaranteeing uniform water quality for large-scale foodservice operations. ![Icon: Water droplet circulating over a green and blue backdrop]
  • Compact Design, Impressive Efficiency: Although compact, the CLX Series rivals larger systems. It combines space efficiency with high-capacity filtration for best-in-class performance. ![Icon: Illustration of space savings over green and blue canvas]
  • Certification to NSF Standards: Thanks to its advanced catalytic carbon-block technology, the CLX Series holds certification to NSF/ANSI 42 and select models even to NSF/ANSI 53 for cyst reduction. ![Icon: NSF Standard logo on a blue-green backdrop]
  • WQA Sustainability Certification: Reflecting 3M’s unwavering commitment to a sustainable future encompassing environmental stewardship, societal responsibility, and economic growth, 3M Purification proudly boasts the Water Quality Association (WQA) Sustainability Certification per the WQA Product Sustainability standards. ![Icon: WQA logo with Sustainability Certification over blue-green backdrop]

Choose the 3M™ High Flow CLX Series for unmatched water quality and consistency.

3M Water Filtration Products HF160-CL Specifications

3M Water Filtration Products HF160-CL Installation Manual

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