3M™ High Flow Series Filter System HF160-CLX, 5626004


Enhance cold beverages with the 3M Water Filtration HF160-CLX. Specifically designed for cold beverage applications, it offers precise 0.2 um NOM filtration, reducing particulates, chloramines, and bacteria for unparalleled purity.

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3M Water Filtration HF160-CLX: Premium Filtration for Cold Beverage Applications

Elevate the taste and purity of your beverages with the 3M Water Filtration HF160-CLX system, tailor-made for cold beverage applications in commercial settings. In the demanding world of commercial foodservice, every ingredient counts, and water is no exception. Ensuring its quality can significantly influence the taste, appearance, and safety of your beverages.

The HF160-CLX is equipped with the groundbreaking Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (IMPACT). This dual-zone media cartridge efficiently reduces particulates, chloramines, bacteria, cysts, and chlorine taste at a precise 0.2 um NOM. This ensures every drop of water it processes meets the stringent standards of premium cold beverages, and your equipment remains protected from potential contaminants.

With a robust flow rate of up to 3.5 gpm, this system is designed to cater to high-demand establishments without compromising on quality. The Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) feature makes cartridge replacements a breeze, ensuring smooth operations. Crafted from NSF Standard 42 and FDA CFR-21 compliant materials, the HF160-CLX epitomizes 3M’s dedication to delivering safety and quality in one package.

Key Features

  • Specialized for Cold Beverages: Optimized filtration ensuring the best quality water for cold drinks.
  • IMPACT Dual-Zone Media Cartridge: Provides superior throughput and extended cartridge life.
  • Precision Filtration: Operates at 0.2 um NOM for precise removal of contaminants.
  • High Flow Rates: Efficient chloramine and chlorine taste & odor reduction at 3.5 gpm.
  • Quick Cartridge Changes: SQC design ensures minimal downtime during cartridge replacements.
  • Certified Excellence: Compliant with WQA, NSF Standard 53, and FDA CFR-21 standards.