3M TFS450 Reverse Osmosis Scale Reduction Water Filter System


3M TFS450 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


3M TFS450 Reverse Osmosis Scale Reduction System for Coffee, Hot Tea, Espresso.  Part #5623901

300 gallons/day capacity, ideal for Steamer, Proffer and Combi Ovens

  • Precision lockable, metering valve provides Recipe Quality Water™ with adjustable Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)* for coffee and espresso brewing
  • Reduced equipment maintenance and replacement costs from reduced minerals that cause lime scale
  • Daily production from 300 gallons/day (1,136 liters/day) with no blending up to 600 gallons/day (2,271 liters/day) with blending**
  • Conversion of inlet water to product water (water utilization efficiency) is at least 50%; higher with blending**

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