Shurflo MOD 118SED5-S12 ShurGuard Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 18″


Shurflo MOD 118SED5-S12 Shurguard Water Filter Replacement Cartridge. Reduces particulates, lime and scale in the water supply to protect high flow commercial beverage machines. Features FDA approved, food grade Hexametaphosphate combined with a gradient depth element for maximum dirt holding capacity and particulate reduction with minimal pressure drop.

5.0 Micron Rating, 5 gpm Flow Rate.


Shurflo MOD 118SED5-S12: The Ultimate Beverage and Ice Machine Filtration Solution

Protect Your High-Flow Commercial Beverage Machines

The Shurflo MOD 118SED5-S12 Shurguard Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is designed to offer unparalleled filtration capabilities for commercial beverage and ice machines. With an FDA-approved, food-grade Hexametaphosphate composition and gradient depth element, this cartridge ensures maximum particulate reduction, while also protecting against lime and scale buildup.

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Particulate Reduction: With a 5.0-micron rating, this cartridge excels at filtering out minute particles to deliver clean, clear water.
  • FDA-Approved Materials: Crafted with food-grade Hexametaphosphate to ensure safety and purity for food and beverage applications.
  • Superior Flow Rate: At 5 GPM, this cartridge is ideal for high-flow commercial machines, without causing any pressure drop.
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity: Utilizes a gradient depth element for maximum dirt holding capacity, ensuring longer life and less frequent replacement.
  • Versatile Applications: Designed for use in fountain beverages, drinking water, ice, and steam machines. Compatible with WB2-M3-22-004-SS, WB6-M3-22-003-SS systems.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: Shurflo MOD 118SED5-S12
  • Micron Rating: 5.0 Microns
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPM
  • Dimensions: 2″x18″ Sediment
  • Phosphate: 12 oz.

For machines that require filtration with high turbidity, the MOD-118SED5-S12 offers a 5┬Ám Sediment Prefilter option, making it a comprehensive solution for various commercial applications.

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