Mavea PURITY 1200 Quell ST Complete System

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Mavea has recently had a brand change to Vivreau.  The filters are the same, just the label has changed.  These Mavea filter systems are compatible with the new Vivreau branded filters.

Mavea PURITY 1200 Quell ST series – vessel and head with display. Capacity @ 5 gpg – 5944 gallons.

Mavea PURITY Water Filtration is a four step filtration for clearer, cleaner and great tasting water.  The filter effectively removes impurities that affect the taste, odor and quality of drinking water by reducing:

  • Chlorine and certain of its by-products
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pesticide and herbicide residue
  • Lead, Copper and aluminum
  • Lime scale caused by or due to water hardness

Part #: 106221
Replacement filter part #: Mavea PURITY 1200 Quell Replacement Filter (275900)


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