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A water filtration system takes care of several common problems that arise in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

One common problem is 

maintenance of equipment.  Scale build-up can be a frequent and expensive hassle.  Another common problem is taste.  

Beverages and ice can retain an off-taste and smell, which can offend customers.

A water filtration system reduces maintenance and equipment breakdown by as much as 75%. Any equipment that uses water, such as steamers, dishwashers, coffee machines, espresso makers, and ice machines all greatly benefit from a water filtration system. 

Scale is a problem that frequently arises with restaurant equipment. Scale develops when mineral deposits build up within the machine, causing numerous failures and maintenance problems. Water filtration systems with scale inhibitors not only filter the water for your commercial kitchen equipment; they also prevent the inconvenient problem of scale build up.

Water is used everyday in your commercial kitchen or restaurant. A water filter system with scale inhibitors help considerably with ice machines. Water filtration with scale inhibition leaves your commercial kitchen or restaurant with ice that breaks up nicely, tastes clean and looks clear to your valued customers.

A Water filtration system removes:

  • Organic matter
  • Minerals
  • Sediment
  • Chemicals

Any of those elements could be a detriment to your business. Your commercial kitchen and restaurant’s water could contain these particles, leading to water that doesn’t smell or taste the way it should. A water filtration system prevents the hassle involved with equipment malfunctioning, causing costly maintenance repairs.

There are many different types of water filters

.  All water filtration systems and water filters are not built the same. 

Some water filtration cartridges screw into the filter head, while others feature a drop- in replacement cartridge. 

There are some water filters that require that you cycle water through them for an extended amount of time before using it. Some water filters let you easily drop the cartridge in and use it right away, saving precious time for your commercial kitchen or restaurant.

Some water filtration systems necessitate numerous filter cartridges, particularly for high capacity applications, while others, such as 3M, have single cartridge systems for all capacities. The 3M water filtration system saves you time and money, working efficiently off of one cartridge at a time.

Knowing When To Replace Your Water Filter

Its time to replace your water filter cartridge when more than six months have passed since you last replaced the filter cartridge, the water in your commercial kitchen or restaurant tastes or smells different, mineral deposits, or “scale” begin to build up within your kitchen equipment, water pressure drops drastically.  Many systems have a PSI (pounds per square inch) indicator needle. If the needle is in the red area or if the needle is below 30 PSI, it’s time to replace your filter cartridge. 

If you find that your water filter cartridge is prone to blockage or if it ceases to function properly in less than six months, your system might require a pre-filter. 

A pre-filter removes large pieces of matter and sediment before it arrives at your main filter, increasing the main filter’s longevity and efficiency.

Depending on your location, your area may have a different water quality than other environmental areas. Generally speaking, if your area’s water is particularly “hard” (containing many minerals), has a lot of debris, sediment, algae or other organic matter, a pre-filter installation would greatly benefit your business. 

Regardless of location, your restaurant deserves to have a water filtration system that will always function smoothly and efficiently. A water filtration system will leave your equipment functioning better with less maintenance problems and will leave your customers completely satisfied with the quality of their fresh beverages.