3M 10 Gal Drawdown Tank 5598407 for Reverse Osmosis Systems


3M 10 gallon drawdown tank 5598407


3M 10 Gallon Drawdown Tank 5598407 for Reverse Osmosis Systems.

3M Water Filtration Products 5598407 Details

Th3 3M 5598407 10 gallon water storage drawdown tank is a perfect companion to your reverse osmosis filtration system. The tank is designed to hold high-purity water that has been processed by your reverse osmosis system so that it is always available when needed. It has a 10 gallon capacity at 60 psi (15 psi pre-charge) and includes a connection kit to hook it up to the filter system.

The tank is sized for a range of RO filter systems.   It is a great option for water-using equipment such as steam tables, combi ovens, proofer ovens, and steamers.


Quantity 1/Each
Shipping Weight  23.5 lb.
Height  32 1/2 Inches
Diameter  16 Inches
Capacity  10 Gallons
Maximum Pressure  60 PSI
Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 16″
Height: 32 1/2″