3M ScaleGard Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System (SGLP200-CL-BP, 5636203)


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Achieve Uniform Recipe Quality Water™ for Minimized Scale & Corrosion in Flash Steamer Uses

Our cartridge linking system ensures cartridge replacements are hassle-free and clean, eliminating spills.

The line pressure reverse osmosis method works without the need for electricity, functioning solely on the pressure of incoming water*.

Key Features:

  • Generates steady Recipe Quality Water™ to lessen scale and minerals that induce corrosion in flash steamer processes.
  • Hassle-free cartridge replacements with our interconnect system; no spillage, no fuss.
  • The system’s line pressure reverse osmosis doesn’t rely on electric power, instead it functions on the water’s incoming pressure*.
  • Crafted with a stainless steel bracket, it can be conveniently wall-mounted or placed on a shelf.
  • Comes with an integrated water storage tank of 2-gallon capacity.
  • Incorporates a Permeate Pump.
  • Specifically designed for compatibility with Model CFS M RO Membrane, 5598729, and Prefilter, 5570613.

Introducing the 3M™ Commercial Reverse Osmosis Scale Prevention System suited for Boilerless Steamers, Combi-Ovens, and Flash Steamers – the Model SGLP-RO. It ensures Recipe Quality Water™ consistency, crucial in preventing scale and corrosive mineral accumulation in flash steamer operations. Key to its functionality, the RO membrane filters out minerals leading to scale accumulation and corrosion, with the added benefit of a Permeate Pump.

Our Model SGLP-RO not only reduces hardness minerals, particles**, and chlorine taste and odor** that can hamper equipment functionality and dent profits, but it also has a pre-treatment feature with activated carbon and particle** filters. This shields the RO membrane from chlorine taste, odor**, and minute particles**. Additionally, our system counters scale accumulation that can clog drain outlets and pose challenges in steamer cleaning due to its compact structure which is easy to install even in constrained spaces.

Unfiltered water can seriously impact steam equipment. Scale fragments can obstruct drains, increase power consumption due to scale buildup, and excess chlorine might degrade parts. This results in heightened maintenance, potential equipment lifespan reduction, and increased operational costs. The SGLP-RO Reverse Osmosis System is innovatively crafted to tackle scale issues efficiently and economically.

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